TheDC Morning: Feds may have to bail out Detroit for a second time

The adult-entertainment kings want a federal bailout for slumping DVD sales, down 22% in the past year.. Congress to release the second half of the $700 billion bailout. of the Detroit.

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joined Congressional Democrats on Capitol Hill to make the case for an industry-wide bailout that could spare their troubled companies from totally collapsing. Detroit’s bigwigs have been met with.

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Investors who bought shares when the automaker went public for the second. federal bailout. Enthusiasm, along with GM’s share price, has since faded. Investors who bought GM when it was added to.

Two people in a rather small car for an extended period of time isn't my idea.. I can't just be lazy and decide to take a shower in the morning instead of in the evening. The banks got their bail out, but the interest rates on these loans have still. spot to park the car where it would not be bothered by LAPD or the Feds.

will send a letter to the heads of GM, Ford and Chrysler, telling them what they need to show Congress in order to get federal bailout money. vehicles. If Detroit bites on this, this will represent.

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We met Dan Akerson, who has been CEO and chairman of General Motors since September of 2010, along a Detroit assembly line producing GM’s Volt electric car, a symbol of GM’s rebound. "We got a second.

In one Twitter post, he said he would sign off on a deal “when the time was right,” but in another post he called for using the U.S. Federal Reserve. war with China enters a second year. Soybean.

Some folks (like Paul Krugman, for example) may want to paint Detroit. officials have been engaged in as they attempt to give voice to the various groups impacted by the largest municipal.

thedc morning: feds may have to bail out Detroit for a second time Don’t be idiot. Bail out is for the Main Street by passing through WallStreet. If there was no bail out, Wachovia, Citi bank, Bank of America, etc would fail one after another until nobody will provide credit in the USA..

Lets say we gave the following lesson to a group of children: There are two metals of the same category (precious). The only outward physical difference is color; one is white and one yellow. They felt and weighed the same.