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Disable Startup Programs on Windows 10 The startup-program manager should be easier to understand than other startup program managers. You’ll see the name of a program along with its application icon at the left, and the program’s publisher name t.

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This piece of advice can speed up Windows more than any other tip. When Windows starts, it looks in several places for programs to run immediately on start-up. Some of these programs might run in.

If you can trim this list, your computer’s boot time will decrease. I have been testing a free utility called Soluto and it helped reduce the start-up time of my Windows computer from 3.15 minutes to around 1.25 minutes. All this with a few easy clicks and without confusing the user with any technical jargon.

In order to reduce PC boot time, we need to delve deeper into the causes of the problem. Slow PC Boot Time, A Lingering Problem. Slow PC boot times seem like a problem we should have eradicated back around the time Windows 95 hit the streets to much fanfare and corny jay leno jokes. intel was releasing new processors at the peak of Moore’s.

Programs slowing down your computer’s boot time can be handled by unmarking the check box in front of an entry. If you are certain that you no longer need an entry, you can remove it from the list.

You should run CHKDSK and defragment your hard drive. Also, hibernation is a more realistic option than always shutting down. Hibernation takes a snapshot of whatever is in your computers memory and then stores in on the hard drive, so it can quickly load it when you power up the next time.

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