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I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect (this was my first ROFLCon) going in, but the fairly joyful environment caught up with me. The discussions at ROFLCon covered a wide assortment of topics.

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Well, what about cats?! Most people can’t even imagine a cat doing tricks. However, this cat is definitely trying to prove something, so when the dogs roll over, she does the same. Well, either her owner spent hours training the cat or she learned the trick while watching the dogs try, just to let them know she is smarter. I think it’s the.

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When a woman says " you’re funny" what does she mean? 4 following . 18 answers 18.. you just said/did something that she didn’t expect and is contemplating how she actually feels about it. or that you just said/did something that she just got creeped out by and that she is not yet going.

She has a right to put those limits, he has a right to be disappointed since he didn’t expect something as unusual as an asexual person, neither of them have a right to demand how the other should act in that relationship, the best and most logical course of action is for them to part ways.

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Cats are different to kittens. Cats are cold-hearted, despise their humans, and are vindictive for no reason at all. Kittens, on the other hand, are normal baby creatures: they are cute, playful, friendly, and will generally help out other creatures that need help. Poor baby human, he’s being taken to the vet and he doesn’t even know it.

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Rand extolled "selfishness," but not quite in its common meaning. (To some extent, she was using the now-familiar confrontational tactic of turning a slur against a stigmatized group-in this case,