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LowerMyBills.com is a premier, free online service for consumers to compare low rates on monthly bills and reduce the cost of living. LowerMyBills.com is the one-stop destination that offers savings through relationships with more than 500 service providers across multiple categories, including home loans, credit cards, auto and health insurance, and long-distance and wireless services.

A lower reading means less cost to the consumers. “In order to keep water bills down, we try to bill people for the water.

Saving money on your bills doesn’t have to be hard or take forever. Our negotiators handle your providers to lower your rates. Find out how! Saving money on your bills doesn’t have to be hard or take forever. Our negotiators handle your providers to lower your rates.. bill advisor was able to help me lower.DirecTv account. BillAdvisor.

But today, you'll start to get your feet wet by negotiating to lower your monthly bills .. During that time, I tracked my usage and then downgraded accordingly.

Ready to lower your cable bill? internet? Mobile? Let Billshark negotiate for you. Help with bills is only a click away. Find out how much you save.

Hope this helps. You should be able to lower your Xfinity cable bill too. Please let us know how it worked!. Update (1/11/13): In addition to the lower monthly rate – Xfinity also gave us a credit on our account (which amounted to a free month of service.Nice. Update (8/12/16): If you qualify, you may be able to get Xfinity at a much lower rate depending on your income.

Water heating, which can account for about 15 to 20 percent of a household’s energy use, is the second largest component of most home gas bills. By controlling your thermostat settings and hot water usage you can lower your gas bills significantly.

 · I paid off my $86,000 mortgage in two years and founded MichaelSaves.com to share practical ways to lower your monthly bills. My areas of expertise include budgeting, streaming TV, cell phones, credit cards and retail savings. I have been writing about personal finance full-time for the past several years and love discovering new ways to save!