Inside or Outside When Sailing the ICW

Mostly inside with the odd jaunt outside where the daily run will allow you to reach an easy inlet. When you get to Fernandina Beach go outside (weather permitting) to Charleston. This way you’ll skip all of Georgia, which is a good thing as the sounds there are sometimes difficult and the stretch through Jekyll Island is getting worse every year with no relief in sight.

I went inside, warmed up and went to bed. I was awoken at about 5 am to ticked-off screaming outside. I fell back asleep and.

2016 icw cruising guide: A guide to safely navigating over 100 hazards on the Atlantic ICW with full color charts along with advice and tips by Bob423 [Robert A Sherer, Ann E Sherer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I’m known as Bob423 in postings on Active Captain and this is my second edition of the ICW Cruising Guide.

Inside or Outside When Sailing the ICW Last April, my wife, Marjorie, and I decided to take our Tartan 4100, Meri, north to Maryland from her winter home in Hobe Sound, Florida. This, in turn, meant deciding whether to stay in the "Ditch" for the duration or go offshore part of the way. Although we had both more

Go outside, never never go inside. The New Jersey ICW is winding, narrow and impossibly shallow with ever shifting bottom contours and no way to predict the next trouble spot. Leaving before sunrise to catch favorable current in the canal before Manasquan Inlet

Cruising The ICW ~ "Thinking Outside the Boat" ~ Destinations ~ Marinas ~ Restaurants ~ Attractions ~ Marine Services.. and heavy seas – just inside the mouth of the Potomac – I kept thinking of Clint Eastwood’s words that led to Toby Keith’s. Follow Cruising The ICW on

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