Did the Wall GoFundMe Founder Use the Money to Buy a Yacht?

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She’s made the study of popular protest her life’s work – and Occupy Wall. me money to buy new things at Barney’s every week.” Her relationship with her family is strong. Still, she concedes, "that.

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And precisely where would he get this money. Unless Uncle Vlad was willing to co-sign a loan at Deutsche Bank, or buy a few dozen condo’s? If your credit rating with reputable institutions is in the toilet, what does that say about how wealthy you.

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“I have lots of money, and can give it legally now. fundraiser for Romney at his home in Manhattan that did not appear on the candidate’s schedule. What He Wants No federal restrictions on Wall.

A source close to the Florida man who raised over $22 million on GoFundMe in the "We The People Will Build the Wall" campaign just revealed today in their opinion money may be diverted to pay for a ‘million dollar’ yacht and high-flying lifestyle.

This will no doubt make Trump very happy to see this project in his name culminate in an actual border wall that the government can buy for a buck. And with 22 million in their GoFundMe, it sounds like Bannon’s group can build nearly another two miles or so if they have the private land to do it.

Did the Wall GoFundMe Founder Use the Money to Buy a Yacht? We found no evidence Brian Kolfage purchased a yacht or any other personal items with money raised for building a border wall.

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Getting that money to the government to build the wall is an entirely different matter, one that requires buy-in from Congress. Congressional approval: The gofundme border wall campaign isn’t that.

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