25 Guys Pulling on the Same Rope

“You just have a group of guys in here, where 25 guys are all on the same page, pulling on the same end of the rope, who know that everyone.

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It really amazes me how native speakers of English don’t understand idioms that are so obvious in other languages. If 20 people pull together on one string, they all work together to achieve the same outcome. They help each other. This saying is derived from a sport where two parties each pull on one end of a rope.

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Why we must all pull the rope in the same direction As part of our school-wide literacy plan, we have a teacher-led "collaboration hour" that takes place at the beginning of each nine weeks. These professional learning sessions focus on the literacy strategy that will be the focus in all classrooms across our campus for that nine weeks.

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If the rope between them is 25′ or 50′ the impact on the rope and each tree is no different. If it is 2 ropes each 15′ tied to a tire in the middle, again, they don’t pull on each other more or less than a single rope that is 25′ long with a single connection point in the middle.

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Repeat Exercise 5.18 with the contestant pulling the block of ice with a rope over his shoulder at the same angle above the horizontal as shown in Figure 5.23 (b). Exercise 5.18 A contestant in a winter sporting event pushes a 45.0-kg block of ice across a frozen lake as shown in Figure 5.23(a).

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