10 SW Florida Real Estate Measures Were Negative in February

 · The top 10 Southwest Florida homes of 2015 have one dream in common. Water. In the quest for sun, sand and water, a quiet revolution is reshaping our real estate stratosphere.

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Hurricane Irma’s impact on Florida’s housing construction boom 6:39 AM ET Mon, 11 Sept 2017 Diana Olick explains how the mass expansion in Florida’s real estate market could be impacted by.

How Will Southwest Florida Hurricane Affect Local Real Estate Market? We could write for days on possible scenarios and how the storm could affect the local real estate market. So much of it just depends. I think for now, we should all just focus on staying safe, executing our evacuation plans or hunkering down, and watch out for each other.

This is exactly what they were saying right up to the last day before the florida real estate bubble popped and home prices proceeded to drop 60% on average. When this current bubble pops, prices will likely drop the most in neighborhoods where homes are occupied mainly by people who bought to live in Florida full-time.

Published on Feb 14, 2017 2017 SW Florida real estate State of the market report. find out how 2016 ended, what we’re seeing in early 2017 and what the trends are for the year.

The real estate market in Southwest Florida is ever changing, and it is hard to keep up with the trends. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to understand the value of your home. Wether you are looking to sell or rent Realty Group of Southwest Florida has many tools on our site to help understand the current market.

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03/20/2019 4 Ways Tech is Used in Real Estate – REMAX Professionals . 4 Ways Tech is Used in Real Estate – REMAX Professionals . You may not think “real estate” when you think about modern technology, but several advances are making the lives of homebuyers, home sellers, and agents a lot easier – not to mention adding peace of mind with added security measures.

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